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VDR Extension Board


The core of the extension board is based on the IR Controller, but it has many additional functions: Analog video/audio outputs, digital audio outputs, status LEDs (replay, record), a video switch matrix to choose between DVB and a Linux text console on the TV, switch outputs, and more. Note that this is definitely not a simple DIY-project as the IR Controller. It is not possible to make the printed circuit boards at home, and there are more components (mostly SMD). Also, some VDR source files need to be patched or a plugin has to be written (any volunteers??) to make use of the full functionality. I just put some pictures and info here to see if some people are interested. In that case, it may be possible to order some more printed circuit boards, however, not before I have assembled one complete board to make sure that there are no errors. One set of boards made by one of the PCB prototype manufacturers costs about 75 EUR with stop masks (I mean the PCBs only, w/o components!). It will be cheaper when ordering more boards, but a reasonable price is only possible at quantities of 100+ ordered from our usual serial PCB manufacturer. The layout is actually ready and I will order the first prototype boards within the next weeks (i.e. in February 03). Please drop me a line if you have a comment or are interested to build a board: tb at

The circuit is built on two PCBs which are stacked over each other. The top PCB has all the audio and video connectors and most of the electronics, and the lower PCB has some connectors to loop back the external LPT/VGA/COM ports. This results in a very clean wiring of all the many necessary connections (there is a total of 27 connectors on the PCBs). Also, the switch outputs are placed here. Take a look here to see how it can be mouted into a VDR (should be possible to use it in a standard PC housing as well).





IR Controller (functions as described on the IR Controller page)

Front panel keys

Status LEDs    [Top of page]


SCART output (located at the rear of the main PCB)

Video Switch Matrix 3x(RGB+CS)

Analog Audio Outputs (located at the rear of the main PCB)    [Top of page]

S/PDIF outputs (located at the rear of the main PCB)

Loop through connectors (located at the rear of the lower PCB)

Switch outputs (located at the rear of the lower PCB)

LCD connector (internal, located on lower PCB)

Extension connectors (internal, located on main PCB)    [Top of page]

Bootloader for PIC microcontroller


What's not yet implemented (design ideas only):

Separate LCD controller with PIC micro:


Here is the current layout (GND planes not shown). At first the lower PCB with the loop back connectors, below the main PCB. Quite large picture, but otherwise the resolution would be to low.    [Top of page]

This is the current schematic. Even larger than the layout, but otherwise unreadable. Original size is A3. You have to scroll around...    [Top of page]

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