IR Controller for VDR (Video Disk Recorder)

This is a description to build yourself an advanced IR Controller for VDR. You will also find some info on the OneForAll URC-7040 remote control I am currently using as well as LIRC configuration files.

For a quick overview, start with the description of the features and how to connect it to the PC (updated).

Update 24 Jan 2003: Added a version with standard thru-hole components using a single sided PCB. Go here for details. A parts list is also available now.

New 28 Jan 2003: Take a look at the latest development, the VDR Extension Board. Quite complex, but adds many missing hardware features to the VDR.

Please note that I can not supply any printed circuit boards, ready made IR Controllers, or any assistance for building the IR controller. This is a DIY-project. So if you do not have any experience with electronics or PIC-programming, you must find someone to help you. Comments are always welcome (tb at Maybe you even would like to help by writing a German version of these pages?

The schematic, the layout, and the PIC code can be found on the download page.

Here are command tables for VDR/MP3/MPlayer/DVD using the OneForAll URC-7040 remote control.

Here are some pictures of the SMD-version:

IR ray-traced
IR real
The IR Controller ray-traced with POV-Ray. Many thanks to Matthias Weißer (matthias at for writing the EAGLE ULP!
The "real" IR Controller prototype
The URC-7040. The small joystick in the middle is very useful for navigation. All remote keys in the tables below refer to this remote control.



Remote keys using the URC-7040 code # 0081 only (standard commands from the VDR manual):    [Top of page]

Remote Key Normal VDR Channels Timers Edit/New Recordings Replay
Up Channel up Cursor up Cursor up Cursor up Cursor up Cursor up Play
Down Channel down Cursor down Cursor down Cursor down Cursor down Cursor down Pause
Left Prev - Page Page up Decrement Page up Search
Right Next - Page Page down Increment Page down Search
Ok Ch Select Switch Edit Accept Play Progress
Menu Menu Menu off Menu off Menu off Menu Menu off Menu
Back (=Exit) - Menu off VDR Menu VDR Menu Discard VDR Menu Recordings
Red Recordings ¹ Record Edit Edit ABC/abc Play Jump
Green Programm ¹ Language New New Ins/Ovr Rewind Skip +60s
Yellow MP3 ¹ - Delete Delete Delete Delete Skip -60s
Blue Timer ¹ Stop/Resume Mark On/Off - Summary Stop
0...9 Select channel - - - Numeric inp. - Editing
Volume +
Volume up
Volume -
Volume down


Remote keys plus some extra keys using the URC-7040 codes # 0081 and # 0652 (second 'layer' for DVD control):    [Top of page]

Remote Key MP3 (URC-7040 code 0081) Mplayer (URC-7040 code 0081) DVD (URC-7040 code 0652)
Up - Skip +30s with auto repeat DVD menu up
Down - Skip -30s with auto repeat DVD menu down
Left - Skip -1s with auto repeat DVD menu left
Right - Skip +1s with auto repeat DVD menu right
Ok Menu off - DVD menu OK
Menu Menu off Toggle Mplayer OSD Invoke DVD root menu
Back (=Exit) Menu off - -
Red Edit - -
Green Source Audio Delay -100ms Invoke progress bar + chapter info
Yellow Browse Audio Delay +100ms -
Blue >> (more) Stop and exit Mplayer Stop and exit DVD Player
0..9 - - -
Ch + - Skip +30s with auto repeat Next chapter
Ch - - Skip -30s with auto repeat Previous chapter
Rew - Skip -10 minutes Rewind (multi speed)
Play - Play from start Play
Fwd - Skip +10 minutes Fast forward (multi speed)
Pause - Toggle Pause/Play Toggle Pause/Play
Stop - Stop and exit Mplayer Stop and exit DVD player
Power Exit MP3 player and shutdown Exit Mplayer and shutdown (Exit DVD player and shutdown) *
Volume + Volume up Volume up Volume up
Volume - Volume down Volume down Volume down
Mute Mute - Volume down

¹ With color button patch
² URC-7040 code # 0081: identical RC5 codes for Cursur up / Ch + and Cursor down / Ch -
³ URC-7040 code # 0652: identical RC5 codes for Volume - / Mute
* Disabled in lircd.conf as this code is not recognized by the IR Controller currently

Here are the lircd.conf and lircrc needed for the above listed URC-7040 codes.

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