Program overview

Choose the right coil for your specific task: seven different coils between 2.5cm (1") and 200cm (80") can be connected to the electronics unit without any adjustment. In principle, the larger the coil, the greater the detection depth. However, the object must be bigger when using large coils. All coils and connectors of the PULSE STAR II are waterproof. With the help of the Extension Cables the coils can be operated at a distance from the electronics unit, for example mounted on a rubber boat. The Universal Search Loop is supplied without plastic tubes. This enables the construction of various coil sizes, ranging from 50cm (20") to 200cm (80"), and different shapes, i.e. elongated or round instead of square. The Cylindric Probe (with 5m/16ft or 10m/32ft cable) can be lowered into cracks or holes. The Round Coils (25cm/10" or 45cm/18") are used with the Telescopic Pole for detecting and pinpointing large and small objects. The power supply of the PULSE STAR II is also well thought out: The built-in rechargeable lead-acid battery lasts for approx. 10 hours per charge. An automatic quick charge controller is also built-in so that recharging takes no longer than four hours and different sources can be used for charging: the Standard Charger (100...240 volts), the Car Cigarette Lighter Charging Cable or the Solar Panel Charger.
PSII Overview

1. Hard carrying case with electronics unit, charger, headphones, operating manual
2. 1m x 1m (40" x 40") Coil
3. Carrying Bag for 1m/2m Coil
4. Carrying Straps for 1m Coil

5. Cylindric Probe 2.5cm x 25cm (1" x 10")
6. 25cm (10") Round Coil
7. 45cm (18") Round Coil
8. Telescopic Pole for 25/45cm Coils
9. Universal Search Loop 26ft circumference
10. 2m x 2m (80" x 80") Coil
11. Additional Charger 100...240 volts
12. Car Cigarette Lighter Charging Cable
13. Solar Panel Charger with Padded Bag (on special order only)

Not illustrated: Extension cable 5, 10 or 30m (16, 32 or 100ft) for coils of 1m and larger


PSII 1 Meter Coil
14. Alternative:

This 1m coil consists of eight elements,
making it even smaller than the standard
1m coil when disassembled.

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