Detects large objects at 5 m (16 feet) and deeper
Pulse Induction System: Coils from 2.5 cm (1") up to 2 m (80") can be connected
Stable operation even in highly mineralized soils or salt water
Conductivity measurement for metal discrimination
Simple operation
The PULSE STAR II was specifically designed to detect large metal objects at great depths. Since the detector can be operated with very large search coils (standard size: 1m x 1m = 40" x 40") and transmits high power pulses, it penetrates deeper than usually possible with smaller coils. In addition, large areas can be searched more quickly with bigger coils. Small metal pieces like bottle caps or foils are automatically ignored. A wide range of accessory coils also makes it possible to locate smaller objects. Any kind of metal can be detected. For objects larger than 10 cm (4") a conductivity measurement determines whether the object has good conductivity (e.g. silver) or poor conductivity (e.g. iron).
No Problem
No problem:
salt water does not affect the PULSE STAR II
PSII in action
The PULSE STAR II in action:

With the 1m x 1m coil even large areas can be searched
quickly. When using the shoulder carrying strap, the
1m x 1m coil can also be operated by one person.

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