Electronics unit

The front panel has only 4 controls; in general, only the toggle switch is used while searching. Operation of the unit is therefore very simple and one can concentrate on searching.
PSII Electronic 1
1. Green light for objects with poor conductivity (e.g. iron)
2. Red light for objects with good conductivity (e.g. silver)
3. Rotary switch for ground rejection and reducing sensitivity to undesired objects
4. On/Off and volume control
5. Meter for signal strength and battery condition
6. Basic adjustment of the audio sound
7. Toggle switch for operating mode (with or without audio sound), automatic retune and battery check
8. Headphone jack
9. Connector for search coils and charger
10. Built-in loudspeaker
11. Red light: battery is fully charged
12. Green light: battery is charging
PSII Electronic 2

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