8 Accessories

Additional accessories are available for the PULSE STAR II.

Small Coil

This 25cm (10 inches) coil comes complete with a telescopic pole for smaller area pinpointing. The telescopic pole also incorporates a handle and arm rest. Both coil and pole will fit into the carrying case with the one meter coil.

The 25cm coil can be used to work in conjunction with the large coil for exact localisation while digging.

In NORMAL mode and SAMPLING DELAY 1 even small objects can be detected at good depths, and larger targets can be detected at the following depths:

Soft Drink Can 33cl approx. 65cm (26")
Aluminum Sheet 8" x 16" x 1/25" approx. 90cm (35")
Iron Sheet 9" x 9" x 1/50" approx. 100cm (40")

2 Meter Coil

This coil (2 meter x 2 meter, 80" x 80") is especially useful for searching larger areas. More area can be searched in less time than with the 1 meter coil. Furthermore, larger objects can be detected 30 to 40 % deeper than with the 1 meter coil, but sensitivity to smaller objects will be reduced.

The metal discrimination feature is not optimized for this coil and, therefore, some false identifications may occur.

Universal Search-Loop

The Search-Loop comes without PVC-tubes. This means that it is not as quickly ready to use as the other coils since it has to be fixed to a frame of PVC-tubes or wooden laths first. But it offers some important advantages:

For complete information see the Product Information of the Universal Search-Loop.

Cylindric Probe

This small coil has 2.5 cm (1") diameter and is 25 cm (10") long. It comes with a 5 m (16 ft) or 10 m (32 ft) connection cable and can be used to insert into cracks, gaps between rocks, wells, drilling holes, etc., where it is not possible to use larger coils. By drilling many holes next to each other it is possible to detect and locate objects that are out of range of the other coils. Also, this coil is suited to be let down in the water.

Sensitivity detection is in a 360 degree direction (elliptical form field), but greater distance is obtainable at the tip of the coil.The following detection depths can be achieved:

Soft Drink Can 33cl approx. 40cm (16")
Aluminum Sheet 8" x 16" x 1/25" approx. 65cm (26")
Iron Sheet 9" x 9" x 1/50" approx. 70cm (28")

5 /10 Meter (16 /32 ft) Extension Cable

This cable is used to connect the 1 meter or 2 meter coil to the PULSE STAR II for example when either coil is pulled behind a boat (coil placed on a rubber boat).

When the connectors are plugged in and the sleeve is securely fastened, the connection is waterproof.

You should not use this cable for the small coils. The connection plug is coded, therefore, a small coil would have a slower reaction to targets detected.

Cigarette Lighter Charger

This cable has a combination plug. It fits into an automobile cigarette lighter jack. If the red plastic sleeve is removed from the top, it will fit to a standard car's power outlet.

CAUTION: The cigarette lighter charging cable is only allowed to be used with 12 volts systems. If 24 volts are available only (for example boat or truck), a commercial DC/DC-converter (converting 24 to 12 volts) has to be connected first. Disregarding this advice may cause damage to the charging circuit of the PULSE STAR II.

See chapter 7 for more information about charging your PULSE STAR II.

Solar Panel

The solar panel (35 by 35cm, 14 by 14 inches) can be used to charge the PULSE STAR II where no AC outlet or car is available. Connect the plug to the COIL/CHARGER jack of the electronic unit with the solar penal facing towards the sun. Charging is only possible in bright sunlight. The charging time is about three to four hours with constant sunshine. A padded case is also available.

IMPORTANT: The PULSE STAR II should be placed in the shade of the solar panel while charging to avoid overheating by the sun.

NOTE: All detetection depths mentioned in this chapter have been measured in the same way as those in chapter 3 (Detection Depths).

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