7 Maintenance and Charging

Care of Your Equipment

The PULSE STAR II requires very little service. Clean the electronic unit from dust and dirt with a soft cloth from time to time. Always clean the coil before storing it in the carrying case. Do not store any of the parts when wet. Plugs and sockets must always be kept clean and dry. Cover the plugs with dust caps (supplied with the coils only).

When functional problems occur, always check the battery condition of the PULSE STAR II first. A low battery will be indicated immediately with a noticeable acoustic beeping signal.

All search coils built for the PULSE STAR II are waterprooof, however, the electronic unit is not and should never be placed in water or exposed to rain.

Recharging of the Battery

When low battery condition is indicated, you should immediately recharge the battery. It can be recharged at any time regardless of its current capacity. It does not suffer from a memory effect like NiCad batteries. The PULSE STAR II is furnished with a lead/acid battery encased inside the electronic unit. Under normal circumstances one complete charge will last for ten working hours. Battery condition can be checked at any time by holding the MODE switch to the RETUNE position. If the meter needle is near the black area, you should recharge.Because of advanced electronic circuitry, the PULSE STAR II can be charged with the 120 or 230 volts AC charger unit (furnished as standard equipment, voltage depends on country), as well as with the cigarette lighter charger (12 volts car battery) or the solar panel (see chapter 8 Accessories).

CAUTION: The cigarette lighter charging cable is only allowed to be used with 12 volts sysytems. If 24 volts are available only (for example boat or truck), a commercial DC/DC-converter (converting 24 to 12 volts) has to be connected first. Disregarding this advice may cause damage to the charging circuit of the PULSE STAR II.

To recharge the PULSE STAR II connect the plug of the charger cable to the COIL/CHARGER outlet on the rear panel of the PULSE STAR II.

Make sure the PULSE STAR II is switched off during charging.

The green LED CHARGING will indicate that the PULSE STAR II is being charged. It takes approximately 3 to 4 hours to completely recharge the battery (for all charging options). If the battery has not been completely drained prior to charging, then less time is needed. The red LED BATT. FULL will indicate that the battery is fully charged. Charging is automatically stopped and the charging system changes to holding state, however, the charger should not be plugged in any longer than necessary and should be disconnected as soon as the red LED turns on.
Fig. 12: COIL/CHARGER jack and LEDs

It is also advisable to recharge your PULSE STAR II if you have not used it for an eight week period to compensate the battery's self-discharging. Under normal conditions the PULSE STAR II can be used for approximately ten hours of searching after each full charge.

Important note:

Make sure the PULSE STAR II is turned off after each use. If you forget to turn it off, the battery will be completely discharged, causing a loss of capacity or even total damage. Damages caused by this oversight are not covered by warrenty. Do not use any charger other than those supplied by the manufacturer. You must use the 120 volt charger (U.S.A), 220 volt charger (Europe), cigarette lighter charger or solar panel built specifically for the PULSE STAR II metal detector. In the event of any problems with the equipment, please contact the distributor or dealer where the purchase was made.

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