You have purchased one of the most powerful metal detectors available at the time. The PULSE STAR II metal detector was especially developed for detecting and locating large objects (all metals) buried deep. It incorporates a one meter by one meter (40 inches by 40 inches) search coil as standard equipment. Different size and shape coils are available as well.

The PULSE STAR II is the result of a consistent development of the pulse induction principle. Latest high tech components and circuit design has been used to achieve high performance and reliability and to introduce some important improvements. This concerns a very simple operation as well as extraordinary detection depths.

The PULSE STAR II can be operated effectively in highly mineralized soil areas, beaches, salt water, and areas where conditions are unfavorable using other metal detectors.

The metal discrimination feature is a great help while searching and allows you to discriminate between low-conductiv objects (like iron, foils or small bits of metal) and high-conductive objects (like gold, silver, copper, bronze, aluminum, etc.). This feature requires a minimum size of object and only works in the discrimination range (60 to 80 % of normal range).

We offer various accessories such as different search coils, a cigarette lighter adaptor for charging the PULSE STAR II from an automobile, boat or truck, and a solar panel, so that you are always perfectly equipped for any kind of job.

Please read this manual attentively and completely. Even if you are not interested in the function of the PULSE STAR II, you should not leave out chapter 1 (Function). You will find important information about the unit's respond to different metals and other features which are helpful to know while searching.

Fig. 1: Included with your purchase

Standard equipment of the PULSE STAR II

We wish all owners of the PULSE STAR II metal detector great success! We would appreciate hearing from any of you personally on your experience and recoveries made. If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

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