10 Important Informations

Improtant! Must be read!

With the PULSE STAR II you have acquired an efficient metal detector which enables you to detect any metallic object buried. However, please take into consideration that you could possibly meet with war material which is dangerous even now. Ammunition often contains ogives of projectiles or cartridge cases made of  brass and, therefore, it can be indicated as non-ferrous metal. In case that the detected object is very large, special caution is advisable: it is possible that you met a bomb. On principle, you should not try to dig out the object in case of doubt. If you still intend to do it, you should never approach to object directly with the digging implement from above, but carefully from the side. If there is any suspicion about the existence of a bomb, shell or munition, immediately call the police or the bomb disposal unit. The digging place or dangerous objects already dug out may not to be left without supervision, because they could be located by children.

Digging out and the salvage of a find is completely at your own risc. Manufacturer and seller are not liable for damages. In any case, the use of metal detectors by children must be supervised by adults. Only adult persons are allowed to dig.

By all means, observe the existing statutes and decrees. Also the search of archeological objects is generally subject to authorisation or, in several countries, strictly forbidden. Please also consider that discovered objects do not automatically belong to you but are subject to the find right of the respective country.

The PULSE STAR II produces intensively pulsed magnetic fields. For reasons of safety, persons with an implanted pacemaker should not stay in the direct near of the search coil during operation.

In the following some practical advices:


In case that the PULSE STAR II has been exposed to low temperatures, you should absolutey avoid an abrupt warming. The condensation humidity can provoke a disturbance of function.

Tube connections of the 1m-Searchcoil

If the coil should twist during operation or in case of  loosening of the tube connection, the plug connections can simply be made closer:

  1. Dismount the coil.
  2. Warm up one of the slack connection sleeves with a hot-air apparatus for a short time (as long as the sleeve is compressible with your fingers). ATTENTION: Do not overheat the sleeve and the coil cable!
  3. Stick the sleeve immediately over the tube belonging to it and wait until all has cooled down. Now, the plug connection should be closer.

Deep discharged battery

As already mentioned in chapter 7, the battery can be damaged if you should forget to switch off the PULSE STAR II and a deep discharge of the battery takes place. In cases that this occurs once or twice and you notice it immediately, the battery will endure undamaged.

Nevertheless, it may happen that the charging electronic stops working in case that the battery is completely discharged. If the green LED CHARGING does not flash when you connect the charger, then the battery is deep discharged.

In order to recharge it, you have to obey the following steps:

  1. Do not connect the charger.
  2. Open the PULSE STAR II (turn the appliance, loose and take out two screws from the lower side, turn the appliance again, detach the upper side of the appliance).
  3. Pull off the upper connection (white cap) left-hand at the back from the battery.
  4. Connect the charger. Now the red LED BATT. FULL must flash.
  5. Still while the charger is connected, stick the white plug back on the battery terminal. Now the green LED CHARGING must flash.
  6. Let the PULSE STAR II charge over 10 minutes in opened position.
  7. Pull out the plug of the charging device.
  8. Assemble the PULSE STAR II in conversed order. When placing the upper part of the appliance, please take care that the guiding slots precisely embrace the front- and rear panel.
  9. Reconnect the charger and complete charging of the battery.

If you should state that the working periods of the PULSE STAR II decrease, although the battery has completely been charged, then the battery must be changed. In this case, please contact us respectively your spezialized dealer.

Technical alterations serving the progress as well as alterations with regard to indications and illustrations are reserved.

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